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"If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton,
you may as well make it dance."

--George Bernard Shaw

Boy With Book Welcome to my Genealogy Pages. I've been researching my roots for a few years now and find it a very exciting (and compulsive) hobby. I've been most fortunate that a number of other very generous researchers have contributed much of the information on these pages and to them I am extremely grateful. They've helped put many pieces of my jigsaw puzzle together. In fact I've even included a real Jigsaw Puzzle to get you in the mood. The following pages include accounts of some of my ancestors, my Family Tree, a Slideshow of Family Memories and much more.

My forbears hailed mainly from Ireland, but also from Scotland and England, and settled in New South Wales, around Glebe (Sydney) and the Appin, Goulburn and Cessnock areas. I have not yet begun researching overseas, but have traced most lines back to the first arrival in Australia, the earliest now being Catharine Malone, a convict who arrived on the "Sugar Cane" in 1793.

I hope you enjoy exploring my pages and (fingers crossed) discover a connection to my lot. More will be added as I dig deeper, so please call back some time and enjoy your visit!

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